UN Office on Drugs and Crime


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Topic: Addressing the issue of increased demand for and trafficking of illicit substances over the US-Mexican border

     First of all the delegate of United Mexican States would like to express for the possibility of participating in this year TBS MUN edition. The situation of the delegate’s country border with United States of America and the drug trafficking over this border is a issue of which the whole world is being concerned. The criminals on both sides are using various tactics starting from the simplest like smuggling the drugs hidden in the cars to more sophisticated like smuggling through the previously built tunnels under the border, usage of catapults and cannons which are firing the supply, usage of drones and ultralight aircraft or even usage of the submarine. Recently the submarine with 12,800 pounds of cocaine worth 194 million USD has been intercepted by US Navy and that was only the most prominent case of such actions. Every year through our Northern border the drugs of estimated value of 19-29 billion USD are being smuggled through the border. As our military forces, police and our Agencia Federal de Investigacion are doing their best...