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Combating the use of social media by the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) in the recruitment and indoctrination of European nationals.

Issue of Daesh popularity is for now one of the most important problems Austrain people have to face - about 6% of country's population are Muslims, and, as in the whole world, we can see a huge tendency of radicalism. Both pro-muslim and anti-muslim attidute is gaining popularity. According to the recent researches by leading international think tank Chatham House, 65% of Austrian population want to halt muslim immigration into the UE. In Austria, populist Freedom Party's representative - Norbert Hofer won the first round of presidental election last year, but was narrowly defeated during the second round - the percentage of votes deciding about his defeat was about 0,5%. In January Freedom Party officialy announced the will of banning Islam - Heinz Christian Strache, party's leader wants to see a ban of Muslim symbols, similar to the Austrian law banning Nazi symbols. He also claime...