Security Council
United Arab Emirates


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Honourable Chairs and distinguished delegates, the United Arab Emirates believe in co-operation, a value and idea that we believe is key to defeating this abomination that is Daesh. As an Arab middle-eastern country we are directly threatened by Daesh and thus protecting the integrity of the Arab and Muslim world and the integrity of all the nations is at the top of our agenda at this difficult time. Preservation of true, core Muslim values as well as eliminating any potential threat that Daesh poses to the world is something that must be worked upon collectively, not individually. Not only do we call upon all Muslims, Shiite or Sunni but we also call upon all of the worlds peoples to do whatever they are able to do in order to harm and damage any potential or already achieved success made by Daesh. We make a plea that while we deal with the problems caused by Daesh, we must keep in mind the pea...