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UN Security Council

United States of America

Topic: Combating the use of social media by the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) in the recruitment and indoctrination of European nationals.

The United States’ position on the topic of ISIS is firm and clear. USA strongly condemns the so-called Islamic State’s violent campaigns and terrorist activities, and does not recognise the Islamic State as a legitimate political entity. It is undoubtable that the group remains a considerable threat to international security and should be defeated. The United States have experienced first-hand the aggression of the so-called Islamic State. Many of our allies have also become the target of this terrorist organization. It is only through firm and coordinated actions directed against ISIS that we, as an international community can ensure that no other state is affected by the attacks.

The Islamic State’s motto: “Remaining and expanding”, indicates their motivation to spread propaganda and increase their level of influence. The attempts to attract new supporters through internet and social media have proven successful, and have made it easier for the group to conduct transnational terrorist attacks. Nowadays, Islamic State’s influence is just as...