Arab League


Julia Aurik
United States

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Committee: The Arab League - Country: Kuwait - Delegate: Julia Aurik // Leiden Model United Nations - Topic A: The creation of an Arab military force

The idea of creating a regional military force is not a new one, not for the world, nor for the Arab world. Countries that have a similar vested interest have historically banded together, creating a stronger military to protect each other and stand together in the face of a common enemy. In light of the increasing instability of the Arab world over the past few decades, it comes as no surprise that talks for an Arab military force are becoming more serious. Some of the countries have taken steps toward this ideal already, creating the current Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Based on their similar political systems, Islamic beliefs, and objectives, in 1981 Saudi Arabia joint ranks with Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, and the UAE and formed the GCC. In the spirit of NATO, an aggressive move against one, is an aggressive move against them all. However, the members of the GCC do not represent the entire Arab League. Yet, there is a precedent for a large part of Arabic countries banding together for military purpose, the February 28, 2016 military drill led by Saudi Arabia. This exercise has a clear...