United Nations Security Council
United States


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MUNICE 2017 United Nations Security Council

Permanent Representation of the United States of America

Honorable delegates,

The United States of America would firstly like to express our gratitude for the topics at hand, as we consider these of vital importance, at UN, global and national level.

Topic A:

The nuclear weapon arsenal of the DPRK is increasing at an alarming rate with a ‘worst case scenario’ of 100 nuclear weapons in less than five years1. North Korea has on several occasions singled the out and made direct threats towards to the United States, in terms of their missile range2. Although DPRK’s enjoys flashing its defense capabilities and has the 4th largest army, it should remember that the United States remains an adversary in this matter with the 2nd largest and most powerful military in the world3. The US considers the situation of developing North Korean ballistic missile and nuclear programs to be of utmost importance. We have therefore strengthened our defense in the area, in protection of our own soldiers as well as our allies of Japan and South Korea. We will continue with all our military exercises with South Korea in order to protect them, as well as supporting Japan with the means necessary. We encourage China to consid...