Economic and Social Council 2nd Commission (Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice)


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Model United Nations of Munich 2017

ECOSOC Committee 2: Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Delegation: Federative Republic of Brazil

Delegate: Pablo Maristany de las Casas

Topic 1: “Measures against the threat to public health posed by fraudulent medicines.”

The counterfeit of medicines has been an issue for many years, but it has never been so concerning as it is today. The trafficking of counterfeit medicines has been vastly widespread across the world, due to terms of globalization in our current society. Pharmaceuticals are particularly susceptible to counterfeiting, considering they are a high profit and low bulk product. This causes organizations to fake medicines deliberately in order to trade them for standard, high prices in order to make profit easily, due to the low production costs of faking pharmaceuticals.

The Federative Republic of Brazil is working intensively with the Federal Police in order to seize counterfeit medicine and stop organizations from trading fake medicine through the black market. Currently, about 20% of the drugs sold in the Brazilian market are counterfeit. Results of many investigations show that the most confiscated drugs are medicines made to treat erectile disfunction (Cialis and Viagra, 66%) and anabolic steroids (Durateston and Hemogenin, 14,6%). This concern poses a major threat against public health, especially for 20-30 year olds, who covet these drugs in order to have improved s...