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Syria is one of the biggest players in the region, and has a big impact on this sophisticated issue. The regional Arab struggle has been emerging ever since the idea of Zionism has been popularized amidst Jews. Motivated by a promise of their own land Jews started moving into a land back then termed an Arab State. They referred to this land as their holy land which has been destined to them and started calling it “Israel”. It should be noted that even though the before-occupation Arab State has been very diverse it has been quite peaceful. History showed that the Zionists brutal nationalistic movement caused fear, bloody massacres and inhumanely treatment of tens of thousands former Arab State territory inhabitants. Not so long after the big migrations, Jews started to form a big percentage of the Arab State population - as high as 30% of the total population - and started laying criminal claims to diversely inhabited territories. It needs to be mentioned that even though the UN proposal in 1947 could b...