Human Rights Council (intermediate)
United Arab Emirates


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We have recognized three main sources of violent abuses motivated by the ethnicity or religion of the victims. First, authoritarian regimes. Second, extremist movements. Third, pride and prejudice. The United Arab Emirates actively work to eradicate them all.

The strong economy has proven necessary to maintain a stable society. Where people starve, extremists feed them with conspiracy theories, violent ideologies and dangerous illusions, leading them to commit terrible acts of violence. Hatred and extremism quickly spread beyond borders, popularized through social media. As a result, young people from around the world physically engage in conflicts in the Middle East. In the meantime, the Western societies, who have been religiously and racially homogeneous, are becoming multi-racial and multi-confessional, through the rapid influx of migrants and refugees, leading to dangerous political and social tensions. Simultaneously, they experience the growing polarization between religious traditionalists and progressive liberals. Societies around the world grow increasingly concerned...