Human Rights Council (intermediate)


Claire Mialon

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Position paper : Topic A : Human Rights abuses and violations against ethnic and religious minorities Delegation : Albania
1.Frontiers of Albania established since 1912 by the protocol of Florende create major incidence in the conflicts and difficulties . Indeed it is easy to notice with the map that half of albanians live without the limitation of the country. Delimitation of Albania was decided by european puissances, but they not included all the part of the population, this choice, this carving redies the minorities. The case of Albania is very specific. If there is minorities on territory, there are albanians minorities abroad too. Concerning religions, if Islam is majoritary (70%, one and only country in Europe with muslim mahority), used the term « minority » to speak about catholics and orthodoxs seems abusive, in number that true, but all religions are accepted and there is no descrimination about it. However, concerning ethnic minorities, or nationality, the problematic is more ambiguous. In Albania there is greek (Epire), which manifest a feeling of dissatisfaction toward governme...