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Kenneth Nicholas

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Permanent Mission of Ethiopia to the United Nations - Maintenance of Peace and Security - Security, Development, and Root Causes of Conflict.

The Security Council as enshrined in the UN Charter has the responsibility of maintaining international Peace and Security. Unfortunately, the road towards stability is continually hampered by the lack commitment of States in preventing conflict, an inadequate funding resulting in long process of deploying Peace missions, and the lack of established mechanism in the cooperation with existing regional bodies. Conflict prevention as stressed by the new Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, is not merely a priority, but the priority[1], since identification of the root causes of conflict could be detected and swiftly taken care of to avoid conflict. Unfortunately, efforts of prevention by implementing SDGs by States and providing UN-based assistance have not been maximized. Efficiency in mobilization and financing are still needed since delays still occur in deployment, usually for months after a resolution is passed as operations require convincing troop contributing countries, and gathering resources before deploying them. Cooperation by the UN with Regional Bodies is also vital, such as the African Union, since many Peacekeeping Ops take place in Africa. With 69 years of Peacekeeping Ops and the ever-growing effort of UN agencies across all spec...