University Security Council
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Dani Rose
United States

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Since the establishment of the United Nations, we have always aimed at one goal: to maintain peace and security. We were established so that atrocities that occurred in the past did not occur again. In the past 70 years, we have consistently shown the international community that we are capable to do such through 63 peacekeeping operations with much success, such as during the Suez crisis, and in El Salvador, and Mozambique. But we cannot permit our successes to overshadow the problems that we are now dealing with. We must accept our mistakes and instead of denying or ignoring them, learn from them so we can accomplish our primary goal, to achieve peace and security. As the world is changing, so must we. As a community we must not only look back at what we have done, but we must also look to our future. We must protect our community, one that we are all apart of. It is a community that respects people, no matter their origin. It is a community that defends those who aren’t able to. It is a community that gives all people the right to live without fear.

Some problems that we are facing today that we see may help us to achieve our missi...