University Security Council
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)


Neuton Neto

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The Plurinational State of Bolivia demonstrates its ability and disposition to debate this wide and complex topic. We should emphasize that, although the creation of the United Nations was to mitigate the existing conflicts, the means to achieve it is not the same that was around 72 years ago, when the Organization was created. The Cold War is in the past, and the countries must bear this in mind before discussing the topics here emphasized. In the Security Council, Bolivia wants to be, according to Morales, ‘la voz de los pueblos del mundo y luchará por construir un planeta sin invasores ni invadidos’.

The first thing we believe that deserves to be highlighted is the necessity of the reform of the UN, specially the Security Council, which is becoming anachronistic, yet not obsolete. Bolivia believes that the current structure is not satisfactory, because it serves to the designations of few in absence of the security of many. There is still much to be done, and the first step is to democratize the council.

One of the greatest causes of conflicts actually is the inequality. The countries must yearn access to basic needs for their people. The policies here established should be based not on the will and imposition of large corporations, but on the broad access to the basic needs. Decr...