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Elisabeth Kruitbosch

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Topic I: Ending Slavery and Child Labor in the chocolate trade Country: Sweden Committee: Human Rights Council Delegate: Lisa Kruitbosch

Respect for children as a universal ideal was affirmed by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989, setting minimum standards for the protection of children’s rights. Despite being the most widely accepted human rights treaty, child labor and slavery are still a problem of immense global proportions. In late 2002, the International Labour Organization presented statistics stating that an estimated 351,700,000 children were economically active that year, of which 245,500,000 in child labor and 170,500,000 in hazardous work. Sweden denounces these practices and considers global enforcement of human rights crucial to the successful eradication of slavery and child labor.

Sweden feels child labor and slavery are fundamentally inhumane. Using children as slaves in cocoa farming is a method used by farmers to maintain their income and prevent the economy from collapsing. Sweden greatly condemns this justification of forced child labor. Being a member state of the ILO, Sweden has signed and ra...