Human Rights Council
Russian Federation


Markus Heitsch

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Position Paper DamMUN 2017, Markus Heitsch – Russian Federation (Human Rights Council)

Dear reader, in the following the following the delegation of the Russian Federation, will elaborate on the two main issues on the agenda and will explain the position of the Russian Federation concerning those.

Topic 1: Ending Slavery and Child Labour in the chocolate trade

As one of the greatest countries of the world not only in size but also in terms of influence, the Russian Federation is aware of its path as a role model for other members of the international community and the great international obligations we carry. Furthermore, the Russian Federation believes that the standards and principles manifested in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in the International Covenants on Human Rights must be enforced globally.

In unison with the UNHRC, the Russian Federation condemns the trafficking of persons especially women and children and strongly condemns any forms of slavery or forced labour.

In order to tackle the issue of slavery and child labour in chocolate trade, it is of importance to find its origins.

The lack of structural integrity co...