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Irina Widmer

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Country Cameroon

Topic I. Ending Slavery and Child Labour in the chocolate trade

Cocoa production being a growing sector with a high potential in Cameroon, we are deeply concerned about ending slavery and child labour in the chocolate trade. As of 2005, it is estimated that 284,000 children were employed in Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Nigeria. However, Cameroon is convinced that the issue of child labour and slavery has to be addressed jointly by the international community in order to be effective. Due to the fact that this situation is the result of the pressure put on local producers by multinational companies producing chocolate, which have such a an important economic power that they are able to set the price far too low to ensure decent qualities of work and revenue to the producers.

Cameroon is making constant efforts to eliminate the worst forms of child labor. The Government convicted two individuals under Law N° 2011/024 Relating to the Fight Against Trafficking in Persons and Slavery, updated its Nation...