Drugs and Crime Committee (DCC)
Republic of Panama


Sophie Mc Grattan
New Zealand

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I. Reevaluating the war on drugs and updating international legislation on illegal substances.

The Republic of Panama remains a major trans-shipment crossroad for illicit drug trafficking due to its location and logistics infrastructure. It is estimated that approximately 90 percent of the cocaine trafficked to the United States during 2015, first transited through the Mexico/Central America corridor. Transnational drug trafficking organizations, including Mexican and Colombian groups, have been active in Panama, move illegal contraband through Panama’s remote regions and along its coastline and littoral zones. Drug traffickers exploit Panama’s transportation infrastructure, including the second largest free trade zone in the world, four major container seaports, airports, and the Pan-American Highway. Drug traffickers are expected to capitalize greatly due to the new expansion of the Panama Canal. As an attempt to stop this exploitation, Panamanian authorities have installed radars t...