African Union (AU)
Republic of Zimbabwe


Jakub Lukáč

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PORGMUN 2017 African Union Position Paper

Topic: Strengthening African states by regionally shifting towards an export based industrial economy, focusing specifically on landlocked states

Presented by the delegate of the Republic of Zimbabwe

Honorable chairs, fellow delegates,

Representing a landlocked state located in southern Africa, the delegate of the Republic of Zimbabwe is most pleased by the fact, that the issue of strengthening African states by regionally shifting towards export-based economies has been brought to the attention of the African Union and will be accordingly discussed.

The Republic of Zimbabwe is one of the African countries which has a history of dealing with dire and persistent economic problems. Since 1998, the country’s inflation has spiraled out of control and the resulting hyperinflation amounted to an official estimated high of 11,200,000% in August 2008, driving the exchange rate for the Zimbabwean dollar to astronomical heights. Mismanagement and corruption were the main culprits behind the downward spiral of the economy, but the government attests that the policies imposed by foreign non-African countries also played a defining role. After the adoption of several currencie...