African Union (AU)
Republic of South Africa


Jakub Lála

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Topic: Strengthening African states by regionally shifting towards an export-based industrial economy, focusing specifically on land-locked states

Presented by the delegate of the Republic of South Africa

Currently, the Republic of South Africa is the biggest African economy together with Nigeria. In addition, South African export accounts for one fifth of the total African export. That is $81.5 billion out of $373.1 billion in 2015. However, in recent years there has been a gradual decrease of South African GDP, which in some quarters even indicated a recession of almost 2%. One of the reasons is the continuous luring of companies to move from South Africa to other economies by foreign governments. As the economy is undoubtedly slowing down, few measures were applied such as lowering government spending or drawing foreign investors into the country.

When compared to other African countries, South Africa is not only a coastal ...