Sustainable Development Committee (SDC)
Republic of South Africa


Diyae El Harti

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Position Paper

  • Committee: Sustainable Development Committee (SDC)

  • Topic: - Sustainable agricultural and agronomic innovation for food self-sufficiency of LDCs.

  • Personal transportation as a significant contributor to climate change: the strive for more affordable and efficient alternatives.

  • Country: Republic of South Africa

    The past decade of the 21st century has witnessed earth-shaking and earth shattering changes in technology development and scientific progress, yet the increasing energy use and degrading of environment have posed a great threat to human race and wild animals. As a responsible member of the African Union and a country with global consciousness, The Republic of South Africa shows deep concerns toward this issue and believes progress can be made with joint efforts. The problems of energy consumption and food self-sufficiency has been global headaches but also phenomenal events in the construction of our country, towards which has shown great concerns. The Republic of South Africa is willing to join hands with the global community in face of these dangers that t...