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Committee: European Council

Topic 1: The creation of a European army.

Since the fall of communism, Romania has been strengthening ties with international organizations such as NATO and the EU, especially in the fields of defense and security.
Indeed, Romania is since 2004 a member of NATO and has been working on rising its military expenditures with an increase of 0.16 points of the defense budget. It set out a 10-year plan to meet the 2% criteria demanded by NATO and urge its partners to do the same. The NATO partnership can also be illustrated by the antimissile shield inaugurated under NATO’s flag in Deveselu.

Romania is also since 2007 a member of the European Union and has been involved in defence and security issues, through the European Common security and defense policy (CSDP). The country has accentuated its regional policy with actions taken in Balkans by the intermediate of the EUFOR Althéa in Bosnia-Herzegovina to ensure stability. Romania has the ambition to become a leader in this region in term of security, following the Chief of State’s speech of October 2016. Bucharest also has troops involved in Sahel and Geo...