European Council


Maxime de Groot

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Committee: European Council

Topic: The question of the creation of an European army

Country: Hungary

Hungary is a landlocked democratic nation. Nowadays, due the poor security situation plus uprising aggression in some parts of the world has led to an shift of balance. Europe, as well as Hungary notices magnificent increase in the number of refugees, due the ongoing war in Syria has forced many people to seek safety elsewhere.

Aggression in Crimea and eastern Ukraine as of Russia breached not just international law but also the security guarantees that the West continue to Ukraine in the form of the Budapest Memorandum in 1994. Until this day the West's response so far has been ineffective. Unless serious efforts are undertaken to contain and deter the regime, people should worry about the future of the 100 million people that liberated themselves from the Soviet dominance.

Hungary emphasizes reinforcing the protection of Europe's exte...