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Fannesa Laksmita

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The international politics had to witness an alteration on the security arena. Following the end of the Cold War, the focus had shifted from securing the outermost border of a sovereign state to human security. Exemplified by the expanding security objective of the European Union, an emphasize have been put on to respond to the systemic economic, political and social crises.

  One of the empirical evidence of European Union devotion to respond to the crises would be to establish a European army. Establishment of European army means to subordinate respective member states’ army to European Union bureaucracy. In addition to the soft security matter, one of the biggest threat to Republic of Finland remains within the realm of hard security. Republic of Finland shares 1,340 kilometers border with Russian Federation. Taking into account the recent military activity that Russian Federation had undergone, Republic of Finland believes that a growing commitment to European level of security is required.

  Acknowledging the growing threat, Finland have increased the cross-country...