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Aglaia Farou

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Topic: Establishing a European Army

Country: Cyprus

Committee: European Council

Cyprus is the only country of the EU that has been under occupation. With its nodal location between Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon it is expected to be affected by the upheaval around it and become a victim of some of the implications involved.

The crucially important topic of our time is the need to maintain international peace in a world where security threats have become more complex. The imperative of conflict prevention is higher than ever, factional fighting in Libya and Syria are generating record levels of population displacement. Due to the rising numbers of smuggled immigrants and illegal immigration, EU capitals have been inundated by terrorist attacks. We have become the center of these, while criminality thrives. With this unparalleled volatility in the air, it is now the time to discuss about the creation of a European armed force.

The wounds that Cyprus has suffered from the ineffective defense system of the past and by the lac...