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The current situation in the world is alarming. The war conflicts in the Middle East, unstable situation in the North Africa, worrying actions of Russian Federation or the United Kingdom leaving the European Union make our world situation bothering. We – the Kingdom of Spain believe that establishing the European Army will enable us – the European Society, to live in a safe society.

The Kingdom of Spain is the only country located in Europe, which shares a border with Africa. The Spain border of length 6.3 km is the one of the most important border in modern Europe. The unstable situation in the North Africa worries the Kingdom of Spain. We think that our army of the size of 132,798 would be insufficient in the case of Military Conflict. We believe that creating The European Army would be solution for it and many other unsafe points in the map of Europe.

Without the common army in the Europe, the European Union will cease to exist. Nowadays Europe is one of the most political & economical stable area in the world. But everything can change in few hours. The proudest piece of work post-World War 2 society– European Union would be destroyed without any properly-work...