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Leonard Nette

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Delegation of the Kingdom of Belgium Position Paper for the Human Rights Council in GÖMUN 2017 The following issues are to be addressed: 1. Korean Refugee Rights in China 2. Safeguarding Human Rights in Tibet

Topic 1: Korean Refugee Rights in China The universality of human rights was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in December 1948 in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. The responsibility for the respect, the protection and the implementation of human rights primarily rests with the States

Our country indeed has a long history regarding the protection of human rights. But this process never stops, violation of human rights go on and happen every day in many places. It not only is a big responsibility but also a moral duty to keep addressing this sensitive human rights issue and to voice it. Belgium therefore will continue its combat to protect and promote these fundamental rights all over the world. In the past, the EU has conducted an extensive human rights dialogue with China. Belgium played an important role in that dialogue. For instance, already former Belgium PM Verhoftstad raised the issue of the treatment of North Korean refugees with China at the EU-China Summit in XXXXX. If the human rights aspect has been less at the forefront of China-EU relations, the issue does remain on the agenda, and Belgium maintains its strong interest in the rights of the North Korean refugees. Cur...