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Thanh Thuy Le

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Position Paper of the Republic of Iraq for the GöMun Conference 2017

The following issues are to be addressed by the UNHRC: 
 1. Safeguarding Human Rights in Tibet 2. Korean Refugee Rights in China

A. Safeguarding Human Rights in Tibet

1. Tibet’s Human Rights situation

The Republic of Iraq locates the route of a lack of human rights in Tibet in its strive for independence and self-government. 3.18 million Tibetans are not allowed to express their opinions and culture. Moreover, they are limited in freedom and justice. 
For those reasons,160 Tibetans took their lives in Tibet, China, Nepal and India by burning themselves to death protesting against their current government. 
About 120.000 - 150.000 Tibetans worldwide live in exile.

2. Iraq’s Human Rights Situation

Compared to the Human Rights Situation in Tibet we appreciate being on a constant strive for the establishment of human rights in our country. 
Our situation has been improved since the resolution 1500 of the UNSC in 2003. The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) has stabilized our country in ma...