Organization of American States


Michael Bestgen

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Delegation of the Oriantal Republic of Uruguay

Position paper for the Organization of American states council GÖMUN 2017

    The following topics are to be adressed:
  1. Rebel aftermath: A rural power vacuum in Columbia
  2. Corruption promoted by the state in the Odebrecht scandal

Topic 1: Rebel aftermath: A rural power vacuum in Columbia

Uruguay is by far the second smallest country in Americas. It knows about its military an economic weaknesses. It knows how small 3.18 million poeple are in comparison to its great neighbours. And yet Uruguay represents values and virtues far greater. This is its strengths. The unconditional refusal of military intervention and the display of human rights and political kindness. Due to these influences, Uruguay looks at Columbia with great concern. Uruguay has high interest in the stability of Columbia. Not only for human reasons, but also because stability within our great Fatherland causes prosperity for every nation in the OAS. Just like Columbia Uruguay too had its troubles with leftist guerilla fighters. And it managed a peacefull negotiation and integration of those leftist groups into the democratic system of Uruguay. Former president Mujica was indeed a Tupamaro and served a total of forteen years in prison, resocialised and became...