Human Rights Council
South Africa


Amina Sitoe

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Delegation of the Republic of South Africa

Position Paper for the United Nations Human Rights Council GöMUN 2017

The following issues are to be addressed: 1. Korean Refugee Rights in China 2. Safeguarding Human Rights in Tibet

Topic 1: Korean Refugee Rights in China

The Republic of South Africa pursues a very generous refugee policy that grants refugees the same fundamental rights that every South African cizitzen enjoys. In the past South Africa has had to stem a high number of refugees but it has continued to respect the UN convention on the status of refugees from 1951 as well as its protocol from 1967.

Koreans who are fleeing their country are doing so by leaving for China. However, China merely recognises them as defectors and therefore doesn‘t see itself able to grant them the same rights as refugees. Kore...