Human Rights Council


Fiona Wißmann

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Committee: Human Rights Council

Country: State of Qatar

Delegate: Fiona Wißmann, University of Göttingen

Topics: 1. Korean Refugee Rights in China 2. Safeguarding Human Rights in Tibet

Position Paper for the United Nations Human Rights Council in GöMUN 2017

1 – Korean Refugee Rights in China

The State of Qatar recognizes the precarious situation of North Korean refugees and their status and rights in China. China and Qatar as well as China and the whole Middle East have very good trade relations. In addition to that, Qatar and China have worked on improving their cultural and especially educational ties in the last years, for example with celebrating the Qatar China 2016 Year of Culture. Qatar is highly committed to international agreements on human rights as well as refugee and asylum agreements and seeks to promote and protect them if necessary.

Qatar is aware that China and North Korea have very good economic relations and that it is crucial that any international agreement on the North Korean Refugees doesn’t lead to the degrada-tion of relations between China and North Korea, because both countries clearly benefit from eco-nomic exchange. But Qatar also points out that the economic relations aren’t the only point of interest between countries but it is crucial that the inhabitants of both countries benefit from any kind of exchange. By now, North Koreans clearly neither benefit from the economic relations with China in their home country nor abroad. China does not recognize the North Koreans in China as refugees but only as defectors. With only the status of defe...