African Union
Western Sahara


Carolin Bollig

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Committee: African Union
Country: Western Sahara Delegate: Carolin Bollig, Maastricht University

Topic A: Reducing violence in Central Africa between military and paramilitary groups and the recruitment of child soldiers

The ongoing conflict in the Central African Republic has caused, and continues to do so, numerous problems and divided the population along religious lines. A large number of people have been displaced and are dependent on humanitarian aid. There have been countless human rights violations, especially targeted at women and children, including sexual violence and the recruitment of child soldiers.

The Western Sahara is not immediately impacted by this conflict. However, the territory of the Western Sahara is in an unstable situation due to the ongoing occupation by Morocco, and the conflict in the CAR further destabilizes the situation in the region. The conflict must be brought to an end so that there are no more crimes and violations of international law committed, and past ones can be investigated. This will be critical for the development of the continent as a whole, economically and socially.

In compliance with reports by the security council and the National Recovery and Peace Build...