Organization of American States


Jessica Klaube

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Position Paper for the Organization of American States Council

The following issues are to be addressed:

  1. Rebel Aftermath: A Rural Power Vacuum in Colombia
  2. Corruption promoted by the State in the Odebrecht Scandal

Topic 1: Rebel Aftermath, a Rural Power Vacuum in Colombia

The peace agreement offers us the chance of finding some stability and security on our continent. However, Honduras is highly concerned with the rural power vacuum in Colombia, resulting from the peace accord between the Republic of Colombia and the former rebel group “FARC”.

It is commonly known that this group encouraged or ordered farmers to cultivate coca plans and used the outcome, cocaine, to finance itself. The Republic of Honduras fears, that other groups or cartels will take their place and continue drug traffic by using our country as a key staging post. It is believed that 80% of the cocaine, that reaches US soil is now trafficked via Honduras. During the 71st session of the General UN-Debate, our President H.E. Mr. Juan Orlando Hernández Alvarado already tried to bring attention to this problem, by underlining that:

“Honduras is merely a transi...