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Björn Hoog

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Topic 1: Rebel Aftermath: A Rural Vacuum in Colombia

Haiti, after suffering from instability, the earthquake 2010 and hurricane Matthew 2016 is slowly starting to recover. Therefore we thank every Nation, that was helping and supporting us on building up our beloved country again. In the recent years our industry is growing, we gain progress in fighting against corruption, the organized crime, drug trafficking and the cholera epidemic. But our country still has a lot work to do. We still face a high level of corruption, many of our people live in extreme poverty and still suffer from the consequences of the past crises. Many of our people have no house, no job, little food and so get in to drug trafficking and other illegal actions connected to the organized crime. But we also learned from this problematic Challenge of instability. Haiti knows now what is especially needed to stabilize a before almost anarchic country.

Haiti is influenced by the current situation in Columbia. In the past Haiti was often a transit point for illegal drug trafficking towards the United States of America and Europe. Therefore we see the peace agreement of the Colombian government with the FARC and the MAPP (since 2004) as a step forward for more security and stability in the entire region and stop drug trafficking. But if Columbia...