Organization of American States


Sören Hüppe

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Delegation of Represented by Guatemala University of Erfurt

Position Paper for the Organization of American States The issues to be discussed by the Organization of American States (OAS) are: Rebel Aftermath: A Rural Power Vacuum in Colombia; and Corruption Promoted by the State in the Odebrecht-Scandal. At the moment, almost the whole American continent suffers from great disturbances as it never did before. Therefor the two mentioned issues are only a small excerpt. Hence, the work and the unity of the OAS and its member states is more important than ever, for which reason the Republic of Guatemala is confident that the OAS will come to a united and pragmatic solution for the problem at hands. I. Rebel Aftermath: A Rural Power Vacuum in Colombia During the Guatemalan Civil War between 1960 and 1996, which was also led against drug cartels, more than 200.000 lost their lives, most of them non-combatant civilians. Since Guatemala already had had corresponding experiences before, it can deeply emphasize into the current situation in Colombia and the people’s fear of a new Civil War. As being part of the main drug trafficking route towards north, the Republic of Guatemala firmly believes that an important factor weakening the influence of extremist groups, such as the ELN and the AGC, is to face the still worthwhile drug commerce in our regions. Attempts, that have been lately made, with their aim to contain violence-bringing drug trafficking failed at all levels, with the result of that we are still confronted with the same kind of problems we aimed to solve. Therefore, the OAS must find new and more effective solutions to make the illegal drug commerce unprofitable so that there are less victims of wars caused by drug trafficking. Enforcing the United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs ...