United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund


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Committee: UNICEF

Topic: Child Marriage

Country: Bangladesh

Honourable Chairs, fellow delegates,

As in many other countries, child marriage in Bangladesh affects girls in much greater numbers than boys however, Bangladesh has made significant progress in addressing women's and children's rights issues in the last years. To end child marriage Bangladesh has ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child, set up organisations such as the National Helpline for Violence against Women as well as a separate helpline for children, National Children's Task Force and BALIKA (Bangladeshi Association for Life Skills, Income and Knowledge for Adolescents). All of these organisations and programmes contribute to reaching the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 5 in general (which are to do with education and gender discrimination respectively) and especially 4.5 and 5.3 which includes ending child marriage.

Furthermore, Bangladesh has made a National Action Plan in ...