Economic and Social Council
Republic of Korea


Ophelia Bu

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Committee: Economy& Social Council Topic: Incorporating sustainable development in national budgets Empowering women in line with the SDGs Country: Republic of Korea

The success of a state is not only about economic growth but also about the rapid reduction of poverty and inequality and the transition to democracy. This goes true also with the Republic of Korea(ROK). Consistent efforts to has been made by ROK to further develop an inclusive society, which include the successful economic and social policy responses to the Asian Economic Crisis in 1997 and the Global Economic Crisis in 2008.

The Korean government’s commitment to sustainable development, which started with the Earth Summit in 1992, is a continuation of these consistent developmental efforts. After the Summit, the government established the National Action Plan to implement the Rio Agenda 21 in 1996 and the Presidential National Commission on Sustainable Development (PNCSD) in 2000. Since its inception, the PNCSD has developed sectoral strategies for sustainable development i...