Arab League


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Topic A The creation of an Arab military force

The Arab states are facing a very delicate local situation. In the last weeks, there are events that have made predict really worse thing. This situation is very complicated and find an adequate solution is not simple. The dialogue is the "weapon" more powerful that each state and their leaders should use but, obviously, it would be utopian to think that it could be enough to improve the delicate balances. In organisational terms, the extent of the joint military forces should be a fully integrated Arab defence pact and not only a Military cooperation. As we have seen from past experiences, the creation of it could seem the most effective and swift solution, in fact the creation of a simple league of military cooperation would not lead to lasting solutions. In fact, at the beginning, should there always be a wider agreement between the states in order that if they do not agree in economic field, how they might never reach a compromise in the military sphere? Nobody is ready for losing the sovereignty on the own defence in a drastic way. In conclusion, the creation of a fully integrated Arab defence pact might be the best solution because it would bring wider sectors and would give greater guarantees in military field.

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