Arab League


Aimee Feeney
United Kingdom

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Committee: Arab League Country: Libya Delegate: Aimee Feeney Topic A: The Creation of an Arab Military Force

The strengthening of regional political and security cooperation has gained increasing traction in the last 80 years or so with the creation of regional organizations such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the Gulf Cooperation Council. However, military and security cooperation between the Arab states has been incredibly stilted in comparison. Despite commitments made by the Arab states to work towards a joint military force at their annual summit in Cairo in 2015, the closer military cooperation that this would entail has not occurred. This move was praised by many as a historic leap forward for cooperation between the Arab states. However, by August 2015, discussions regarding the convening of this joint force were “postponed indefinitely”.

The presence of a joint military force, or at the very least greater military cooperation, within the Arab League is something that is considered crucial to the stabilisation of internal conflict currently ongoing in Libya. Following the summit of the heads of state in Cairo in which the...