Arab League


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The creation of an Arab military force:

I would start my report telling you some information about the Arab League. It was born in March 1945 and its first founding members were Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt. Nowadays there are twenty-two states, with the exception of Syria, whose membership has been suspended since 2011. The birth of this League has been seen as a possible way to unite Arab countries and coordinate their political affairs and interests so that to safeguard their independence and sovereignty. There are other opinions regarding the creation of this league, but we leave them apart for now. As regarding its organization, the main aim was that of a joint defence pact of the Arab Nations that for different reasons has never been achieved. The military forces could be deployed against Israel, but also as a peacekeeping unit, and in internal wars, they were seen as an attempt to maintain a cease-fire. A danger was represented by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and often “threats” were determined by economical reasons, for example oil, and political ones, for example internal wars. Priority of the Arab League was that of ensur...