Arab League


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The creation of an Arab Military force

When we speak about the Arab League, it is important to remember that it was born in 1945 and that the founding members were Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Today the Arab League is composed by twenty-two States. The Arab League has been created to give the opportunity to this States to unite and to coordinate their political interests but also to give them the possibility to safeguard their sovereignty. The main goals of the League were the cultural, political and economic cooperation between members, and the solution disputes between members and between members and other countries. 
Surely, the priority of the Arab League is to ensure the safety of its citizens but, with the Arab military forces, it became an organization to protect also the stability of the Arab countries. So we can say that the question can be answered in this way: the main purpose is the safety of citizens but the League has also other goals, for example the development and the use of military forces just to solve political questions. 
Analyzing the history of this organization, we can also notice that in origin the main aim was to create a defe...