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Jonathan Walsh
United Kingdom

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Committee: The Arab League Delegation of Bahrain Delegate: Jonathan Walsh Topic A: “The creation of an Arab Military Force” The history of the Arab military force has regrettably been one of mixed fortunes. As has been the case for many, if not all, regional political bodies, the Arab League has sought since its inception in 1945 to unify its members within an integrated military framework. The delegation of Bahrain believes there is good reason to observe such an approach as conducive to strong regional governance. In numerous examples historically, military and paramilitary organisations alike have had a substantial, positive effect on sentiments of shared identity within and between peoples of differing backgrounds. Furthermore, the ability to self-govern and promote independence, in a region historically ravaged by colonial desires, remains an integral element of what the Arab league stands for. While assuming military force alone can provide stability and independence without a recognition of the importance of soft power approaches is not correct, the delegation of Bahrain believes it to be entirely justified to promote the unifying power of the military as a priority, especially given the current conditions that exist within the Arab world. In 2011, Bahrain, along with many o...