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Francis Farrell

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Republic of Turkey Position Paper MUNOTH 2017 Francis Farrell – North Atlantic Council

Rearmament of NATO members

Background Since joining NATO as one of its earliest members in 1952, Turkey has always prioritised a strong military through substantial defence spending as a sign of our commitment both to our own and NATO’s collective security. Since the end of the Cold War. To put it on record from the start, Turkey has consistently maintained the requested levels of 2% of GDP allocated for defence spending. In light of newly-elected President of the United States Donald Trump’s clear request towards NATO, Turkey would like to agree in principle, despite our current differences with the US. More than any other couuntry in the Council at this moment, Turkey has suffered the consequences of the wars in Syria and Iraq, and has been on the front line of terrorism, of the refugee crisis, and of Russia’s increasing interference in Syria moreso than any. Without a doubt, Europe does need to take more responsibility not only for its own defence, but for that of those on the front line. For too long, European states have treated Turkey as a second-class member state, witholding trust and intelligence, happy to ignore all problems of terrorism and human migration, so long as they stay with Turkey’s borders and don’t enter the gated community that is their continent. Recently, the disrespect shown by European states such as Germany and the Netherlands in their rhetoric over something that is not of their concern, our constitutional referendum, has crossed the line in this regard, and severly damage...