North Atlantic Council


Chloé Jing

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Committee: North Atlantic Council

Topic: Rearmament of European NATO Members

Country: Poland

Delegate: Chloe Jingyuan ZENG, Leiden University

“We are witnessing a dramatic deterioration of the security situation in Europe’s eastern and southern neighborhoods,” declared our Minister Waszczykowski. The bloody terrorist attacks, panic caused by the large scale refugee influx, and the growing threat of the Russian Federation all endanger the security, principles of democracy, individual liberty and the rule of law trumpeted in our preamble of the Washington Treaty signed in 1949. The founding principle of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is to demonstrate our solidarity against the external aggressors and to share military capacities with each other. In this North Atlantic Council, we will not set the problems aside. By reaffirming the indispensable status of NATO, we are going to make Europe and America a place for peace and hope.

Poland obtained security guarantees provided for under Art. 5 of the Washington Treaty from NATO since its succession on 16 December 1997. It is extensively involved in NATO missions and finance. The Joint Force Training Center for NATO based in Poland played a crucial rule in the provision of essential capabilities and the deployment of military units on the ground. In the cost share arrangement in the area of NATO Security Investment Program (NSIP) alone, Poland contributed 2.7% of the entire budget. NATO has an irreplaceable prominence in securing regional safety and peace in the Eastern Flank, particularly in light of NATO’s effort in deterring Russia’s recent aggression against Ukraine. Poland wishes to reaffirm the c...