North Atlantic Council


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In 2009, the National Assembly, French low chamber, reintegrated the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) Military Integrated Command. This decision followed a

a 43 years absence since french president de Gaulle made its country leave the Military Integrated Command during the Cold War. Since this return the French Republic wants at the same time to play an active part in the NATO and a very independant one, defending its own sovereignty.

In the recent years, France has been roughly affected by several issues concerning NATO.

First of all, regarding terrorism, French citizens have lately been the victims of attacks: Charlie Hebdo, the Hyper-Casher, the Bataclan, Nice, etc. Everyone still remembers these names. Hundreds of French boys and girls have also been brainwashed by terrorist groups and have flown to Iraq and Syria. Secondly, as every european country, France has had to welcome great waves of migrants and refugees. The “jungle” of Calais was a clear example of the issues that these waves have caused. Thirdly, the French Vth Republic has played a key role in the various african conflicts. France keeps very close relations with its african partners. It was namely able to prevent a civil war in the Republic of Centre-Africa, and defended Mali against armed radical islamist. And finally, France is the fourth most po...