Human Rights Council
Republic of Korea


Lisette Somsen

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Model United Nation of The Hague Country: South Korea Committee: Human Rights Council Topic: Protecting the rights of the Rohingya in Myanmar Organisation: Leiden Model United Nations Foundation

The Rohingya were born in Myanmar; live, breathe, and die, in Myanmar; but are denied the right to belong to this nation. This muslim minority doesn't only face grave violations of human rights such as organised violence, denial of proper health care, or freedom to choose the size of their family – they do not even receive citizenship or the right to vote, as they are not recognised under the constitution as having citizenship. This results in many Rohingya attempting to flee on boats, and drowning or falling into the hands of traffickers. Mass graves are found in border transit camps in Thailand and Malaysia, illustrating that, even when the Rohingya manage to leave Myanmar, the massacre continues. This group of people has been stripped of their fundamental rights, as given to them by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and South Korea feels the international community has a role to play in giving them back. South Korea has taken up a prominent position as trade partner with Myanmar. As a significant provider of import products as well as aid, South Korea is willing and able to increase their ties with Myanmar on multiple levels in exchange for more acceptable policies and positions on minorities within Myanmar. South Korean citizens practice many different religions, land South Korea is one of the few countries within the world where violence in the name of re...