Human Rights Council


Saja Alhafi

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Committee: Human Rights council

Topic: Protecting the rights of the Rohingya in Myanmar

Country: Kazakhstan

Ethnic violence is hardly a new problem and continues to claim thousands of lives per year. Ethnic groups can be defined as a group of people who band together to protect material goods, while satisfying the need to feel a part of a group, violence resulting from ethnicity can be a result of a violation of either of these. Ethnic violence often occurs as a result of individual domestic disputes spiraling out of control to large-scale conflicts.

The Rohingya are Muslim Indo-Aryan peoples who are related to the Bengalis of Bangladesh and are settled in from the Rakhine State, Myanmar. Muslims have settled in Rakhine State since the 15th century. the Rohingya are not a recognized ethnic group, thus by Myanmar law of 1982, leaves them illegible to receive citizenship because they are not an "indigenous race". The Rohingya situation is the worst on the scale of minority abuses in Myanmar because as n...