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Position Paper: People’s Republic of China

MUNOTH 2017, Laura Joel and Yannik Eisenaecher

Topic A: The situation in the Kashmir

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has a long-standing history of observing and mediating between the two conflicting parties in the Kashmir conflict. In addition to historical ties to Pakistan, the PRC has committed large investments to enhance economic ties between the two countries. During various recent high-level delegation visits between China and Pakistan, investments of 46 Billion USD in value were committed as part of the highly important Memorandum on the “Chinese Pakistani Economic Corridor” (CPEC). This corridor is a vital addition to the bilateral economic relationships. However China has also moved to establish important relations with India. This goes beyond the cooperation as part of both countries’ membership in the BRICS group. It also includes political consultations on matters such as counterterrorism and deepening defence exchanges, as well as significant emergency disaster relief assistance. The most important focus lies on the economic dimensi...