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Ethan Warren
United Kingdom

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Topic A: The situation in the Kashmir

The nationalist and ethnic tensions in and around Kashmir at the center of the attention of the international community. This decades old territorial dispute is causing so much commotion, because the two parties, India and Pakistan, have been acquiring nuclear weapons since the 1980s. This means the conflict, if left unresolved, could lead to a nuclear war on the Indian subcontinent that could potentially involve China. The conflict has taken approximately 47.000 lives since the 1980’s and has seen countless abuses committed by multiple actors and movements, which require immediate attention from the international community. Furthermore, many different Kashmiri separatist and nationalist groups have strong Islamist elements among the insurgents and many of the Kashmiris identify with – and are supported by - global Jihadist movements. The risk is that Kashmir becomes another hotbed of global terrorism, which in the nuclear zone should be of grave concern for the international community.

Russia established an important role in the region during the second Indo-Pakistani war over Kashmir when Russia mediated the diplomatic intervention with Security Council’s mandate. The Russian Federation expresses concern for the nationalist separatist movements in Kashmir seeking independence by terror. With its own experience in Chechnya, Russia conti...