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Haozhou Yu

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Committee: Security Council Topic: Children and Armed Conflict Country: United States of America School: Shanghai Foreign Language School Affiliated to SISU Delegate: Haozhou Yu & Yining Du

Topic Background

As far as the delegates of the United States of America consider, existing barriers over this issue can mainly be separated into four parts, which are: the continuous expansion of warzone in Middle East, resulting in the increase of casualties of children; the insistence of some countries on disapproval and violation against the Convention on the Rights of the Child; the hardship in inspecting the occurrence of such issues; the settlement of children rescued from the abuse.

With tremendous difficulties existing, it is more than essential for nations to join efforts on solving the crisis. On one aspect, children and youths play the key role in the future sustainable development of a certain area. On the other, protecting this group of people, who can easily become cynical after mental and/or physical torture, from abuse will dramatically contain the recruitment of terrorist groups such as ISIS, so as to succeed ultimate global peace. Unfortunately, not all countries have shared this consensus. The US believes that major blocs in this crisis can mainly be categorized into three types: countries showing urgent concern and taking effective actions, such as the US, China, UK; countries showing concern but taking negative or no actions; countries ignoring existing crisis and further allow children abuse actions as laboring and boy scouts, such as Syria, Iraq, Libya.

With such an enormous virgation, however, the world has witnessed encouraging process over resolving the issue—the establishment of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and its 196 signatory countries, the formation of the Monitoring and Reporting Mechanism, the establishments of the UNSC Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict, and countless documents, working papers,, reports and campaign to strengthen children’s rights. Efforts having been done are not limited to those mentioned, and each of them has made great contributions.

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