University General Assembly 2
United States of America


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WFUNA International Model UN 2017 University General Assembly 2 United States of America

Improving the Coordination of Efforts against Trafficking in persons

Today’s world economies, societies and political systems are significantly characterized by the process of globalization. This is a phenomenon in which cultural borders are disappearing, knowledge is being readily exchanged, and migration to new places is becoming the norm. While this phenomenon brings a range of benefits, it is important to recognize that major problems like Human Trafficking are inherent byproducts. Human Trafficking is a criminal act which consists of the "recruitment, transportation, transfer [or] harbouring" (UNODC) of a person for the means of exploitation, for a range of purposes, such as sexual exploitation, forced labour, removal of organs or servitude (UNODC). Affecting over 21 million people worldwide (ILO Forced Labour, Human Trafficking and Slavery), this problem beckons to be addressed urgently.

Prior to arriving at a comprehensive solution, it is highly imperative to first understand and address the root causes of the issue. The circumstances, situations, and the local dynamic of each country vary, thus requiring customized approaches. For instance, human trafficking primarily affects the Asia- Pacific, with 11.7 million of the total 21 million victims, thereby acco...